Thursday, March 15, 2012

POAS Chronicles: 8dp5dt When Surrogates go ROGUE

OK, I know y'all have already read the post with the digital test. SIL emailed me when she got home from work with the subject: Just now. I was like "WHAT! She knows that last digital is for tomorrow!" I click the picture and this is what I see:

Ahemm... She does not listen very well does she? LOL! Someone sound the alarm, we got a rogue surrogate on our hands!!! :-D :-D!!

OK for serious y'all, we are NOT testing again until the last digital of the morning.. Well unless she had 3 tests in that box, then methinks I might get a few more emails,LOL!!! Atleast I will sleep well tonight! 


  1. I'm so happy for you--and thrilled that your SIL is having fun carrying your baby. I'm already impatient for your ultrasound!!!


  3. I love love love your rogue surrogate! See, now you can sleep tonight!

  4. Awesome News!!! I am so excited for your blossoming family!! Keep us posted on SIL numbers today!! Praying for strong ones!!


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