Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ultrasound Chronicles: 8 Days and Counting

Still another 8 days to go before we have our ultrasound! I think this wait is MUCH MORE nerve-wracking than the 2ww wait! Since you can cheat and take hpt's during 2ww you have an idea of what is going on before your beta, but not this wait. Short of running to the emergency room with some feigned tummy issues, you are not getting a sneak peak at what is going on until that ultrasound appointment! I am ticking the days off on my calendar and doing busy work in attempts to pass the time! Once we get a heartbeat confirmation, I am starting the protocol to induce lactation and I will be blogging about that experience as well. I am hoping it will be a great resource for others out there that are thinking about trying this but are afraid to or apprehensive for whatever reason. I am hoping that I am successful with it, since I have read that if you have breastfed before your chances of success are better and even though it was almost 19 and almost 17 years ago, I have in fact breastfed before, LOL! Hey it still counts even if it was ions ago! I will start off by taking Prometrium (a form of progesterone and taking a drug called Domperidone, which is also used to treat motion sickness) I will be doing this for around 60 days OR until I notice significant breast changes (i.e, increasing about 1 cup size OMG!) after that, I will stop the Prometrium, continue the Domperidone AND pump for 20 minutes EVERY....THREE...HOURS... Yes you read that right!! I am also adding in several herbs that are known to increase milk production. According to all the literature, the sooner you start the better your chances and the better chance you have at making and adequate milk supply and since I am planning on being the primary food source, I'm gonna get started ASAP! So here's to me having success with this! More on this to come after we get past the ultrasound! Come on April 4th!!!


  1. I'm going to induce too!
    Great idea ;) hahaha

  2. 8 days. Gosh, fingers and everything crossed you guys!!!

  3. K- You joke BUT if you took these drugs, you would be a lactatin' fool, LOL!! I believe that's how they realized that Domperidone could be used for lactation, MEN and women reporting lactation after using it for motion sickness! Crazy huh!?! Imma mail you some so you can give it a whirl HA! ;-)

    Doug & Bill- THANKS, we are goin nuts over here waiting!!! Can't wait to share the news as soon as we know! :) :)

  4. Doug/Bill, Tonya's right!! Don't joke...you COULD be nursing if you wanted to. Ha!!! ;-)

    Tonya, an IM named Gingerelle has some really great Youtube videos chronicling her journey to induce lactation. Her surrogate had her twins a few months ago as well, so she's been breastfeeding since then. Here's a post after her first pumping session early on. http://youtu.be/k49DPv6s8wo. (Overall, really enjoyed her videos.)

    I'm still considering inducing lactation....and hey, who doesn't want to go up a cup size, right?!!?! ;-)

  5. WOW! Exciting!!! As my hubby would say "time to put those milkers to work!" LOL.


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