Saturday, July 28, 2012


Today we are 23 weeks! Only 16 weeks (or less! but not too many less, lol!) until we get to meet our sweet boy! Christy says he moves consistently throughout the day, but notices it more during the night when she is still. I am just hoping he cuts us a break and sleeps some at night (pretty please!!) The mail lady brought a big box to me today and I was really surprised! Christy went through all of her baby stuff and sent me so much stuff! Lots of receiving blankets and burp cloths, jammies, onesies and even some crib sheets that she made! This girl is seriously talented on a sewing machine y'all! It was like having my birthday in July getting this box.. I am so grateful for all the goodies.. Today was also picture day so, of course it's one of my most favorite days of the week  because of that. OB appointment on Monday and then a repeat of the anatomy scan on Aug 8th. Looking forward to seeing my little man again in the pictures! I will leave y'all with the 23 week bump pic! Enjoy!


  1. Happy 23 Weeks my friend! Christie is looking awesome and how lovely of her to send you the box!

    Keep on keeping on! :-)

  2. So exciting! Time is passing...go baby go!!


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