Friday, August 17, 2012


We are down to the DOUBLE DIGITS now!!! Time is still going by fast, but I wish it was moving faster! I am ready to hold my little boy! Nothing much going on as far as I know.. Third trimester is a couple of weeks away yahoo! We have the nursery finished now and the last of the big pieces we needed/wanted have come in. I don't know how many of y'all use SWAGBUCKS but if you don't you totally should! I was able to get our crib, both changing tables AND the pack n play for $69.00 of my own money!! The rest was FREE because I used Amaz.on gift cards that I got using swagbuc.ks! This definitely helped us out. Now I am saving up for amazon cards to get the things on my registry that I want. I use my Amaz.on registry like a wish list. I add cute little things I see so I don't forget, then I can get them when I have giftca.rd credit (yep, I am thrifty!) 

So anyway back to Mr. Babyman.. According to the bump website, he is the size of a head of lettuce or an eggplant and around 2lbs (wow!) he is practicing breathing already and his eyes are now opening (aww!) If he has hair (I hope so!) it is getting thicker.. I spend so much time daydreaming about what he is going to look like and who he is going to look like! Light hair/dark hair a teeny tiny guy or a chubber, will he have his Dad's eyes (I already can see he has his nose from the ultrasound pics!) or mine (I am hoping his Dad's!) so yeah, I am pretty much useless lately, haha! My super sweet friend Rebekah is driving down from Atlant.a in 3 weeks and hosting a baby shower for me! So we are gearing up for that and I am actually excited! It's taken a bit for me to get to the point of excitement. At first I was kinda of cringing.. I don't like things to be focused on me and I am still not sure how I will feel the day of. I have never been to a shower where the mom-to-be was not visibly pregnant so I am dealing with those feelings and trying to come to terms with that. I know the celebration is NOT about me, it's about Greyson so I am trying to focus on that! The cool part of it is the shower is also doubling as a get together for the FL surrogates and IP's so I am going to get to meet a bunch of the girls that I have interacted with on SMO for so long in person finally!! I know we will have lots of pictures to show y'all! Well that's about it for now, school starts Monday for my last boy I have in school, SENIOR YEAR!! Then I get a FIVE year break before I have to worry about school clothes again, LOL! 

OK, I gotta get back to cleaning up this place! I've been on a throwing away stuff bender as of late. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. First, just have to say Rebekah is awesome.

    Second, I felt weird having a baby shower until the actual shower happened. It was so nice to feel the love and support during that day. People advised me to just let 3 hours be all about me. It was hard, but it was smart advice. You've worked hard to get this and you deserve a few hours to be selfish and enjoy people doing something for you. I know'll be there for others soon enough. It is for Greyson, but it's also to celebrate your new family which means it's for you too. Enjoy it since you earned it.

    1. Thank you for that Michael! I am going to do my best to just be present and enjoy, I promise! :)

  2. Yeah sweetie sit back and take a few gifts. IVF is rough ya know ;)
    I can't wait for the pics! 3 months and you are there! Wow.

  3. Tonya,

    I so WISH I could attend! However, I will be there in spirit! I have followed your blog for a very long time. You have given so much of yourself by being an egg donor to create precious little ones for their parents. I am so excited to celebrate your turn with John! Karma is a wonderful thing. I knew it would bless you! The wonderful, lovely Rebekah will be bringing a little something from a Canadian supporter :)


    1. Oh, Sadie THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You are too too sweet! I wish you could attend too, this will be my first get together of surrogates and IP's I am super excited and this is also my first shower! I appreciate you more than you know!


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