Friday, August 24, 2012

27wk0d: Gallstones, Maybe?

Rounding that corner to the third trimester at lightening speed. Today marks 27 weeks and we are in the home stretch now.. Christy had an OB appointment today and I got to talk to the OB and ask some questions and we got a lot of things worked out, so that was good. Greyson's heartrate was in the 140's and he is doing well. He is still measuring a week ahead (big boy!) and we haven't quite nailed down the induction date, the OB said we will know by the next visit, since he will have his new schedule by then.. Gives us a decent amount of time to be there! 

In other news, Christy has been having some serious stomach pain for the last few days and vomiting. She talked to the OB about it today and from her symptoms, he thinks she has gallstones (Her and I both looked it up too and we agree). He is sending her for her third trimester screening and a slew of other bloodwork and an ultrasound of her gallbladder and I believe her liver or kidneys (can't remember which one he said!) to make be sure. They don't want to do the surgery since she is pregnant, BUT if it can't be controlled with diet (apparently, that's the dang treatment! Cutting out fatty foods from your diet and eating high fiber) and the pain persists, then she would need to have surgery.. She wouldn't be able to have the easy surgery either, since she is in the third trimester she would have to have the serious incision surgery :(, not fun.. 

So make sure you say a few prayers for her that her pain subsides and she can hold off on surgery all together, that would be good. I feel so bad for her with the pain, I have had kidney stones before and I thought JESUS was coming to take me home I was in so much pain, OMG! So if it is anything like that.... yeah, makes my stomach turn just thinking about it. Such a big day for what seemed like was going to be a quick update, lol! I will get a belly pic uploaded when I can either later today or tomorrow..  As for us, we are just marking time and waiting to hear how Christy's bloodwork and sono go and then seeing how long Greyson decides to stay put! So stay tuned!


  1. Oh man, I can totally sympathize for her. I had my gallbladder removed in '09...just two weeks after my second csection. I swear...the recovery from the gallbladder surgery was WORSE than my section recovery. If she can avoid surgery, I would highly suggest it. Yes, she'll have to change her diet, but she will (hopfully) see a dramatic change just by cutting out high fatty/greasy foods. Sending my well wishes!!

  2. Ugh. Another gall bladderless person here. I did COMPLETELY fat free for 3 months while I waited for my surgery. Still had 2 attacks during that time frame. Unlike Andrea, my surgery and recovery was super easy...but I had laparoscopic surgery - No biggie. I hope she gets to feeling better.

    P.S. Yay for having an induction date soon! Very exciting!

    1. I, too, had laparoscopic... Im wondering if because I had a csection two weeks prior, that's why my gallbladder surgery recovery was so painful? I swear it was the worst pain ever!! And to be away from my 2 week old while I had the surgery/recovery was torture!
      Hey Jeni...did you have any complications/complaints when pregnant with the twins due to not having a gallbladder? I've always wondered if I needed to be extra careful with this pregnancy or not? Like could it cause other problems?

  3. Ditto the others! I had gall bladder issues in the third trimester and was on a no fat diet for weeks before my daughter was born by c-section 3 weeks early because I was so ill. I had my gallbladder out laproscopically 6 weeks later and it was pure HELL! 1000 times worse than the c-section. Good luck!

  4. oh jeez!! i hope the diet is able to control it!! fingers crossed :)

  5. Ugh. I've never experienced gall bladder issues, but I imagine it's not fun!! I hope she fells better soon!

  6. I am coming out of lurking to say, that I also had a problem with gall stones when I was pregnant. I was only 12 weeks along when it started, and I was able to have the surgery at 16 weeks laproscopically. My gall stones led to pancreatitis at 12 weeks, which is why removing my gall bladder was so urgent. Also, I was early enough in the pregnancy that it was an option for us. My gastroenterologist and the surgeon informed us that it was a good idea to wait until 16 weeks to allow my pancreas to heal, and to allow the baby to grow a little, but not too much. My gastroeneterologist said that I needed to go on the diet in the interim. She looked at me and said, "you can't eat more than 20 grams of fat per day." This was the best advice ever. I managed to go six weeks (through thanksgiving and christmas) without another attack. I ate a lot of skimmed chicken soup, pasta with tomato sauce. broiled flounder, salad with fat free dressing. I lost almost 20 pounds, but baby was just fine. She is now a happy and healthy four year old. And I agree with Ms. Barter- Levine, the lap-chole was 1000x worse than the c-section.

  7. I had to have my appendix removed at 32 weeks pregnancy...they had to make a huge incision(4 inches) to get around my daughter...the surgery put me in labor, but they stopped it and she went on to having to be induced at 42 weeks...(She is still stubborn !) The only problem I had with recovery is I swear she thought she was suppose to come out my incision hole...lmao. Now for me getting my tubes tied after my son was born was PURE HELL !!!


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