Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My First Baby

I cannot believe my first baby is 19 today (well yesterday, it took forever for me to get this post up, ugh!).. He is such a young man too! No longer "my little buddy" my partner in crime. The little dude that used to dance when the Ricki Lake Show theme music came on (yep, I used to watch that!) Now he has a mustache and a dang beard, OMG!!! *tears* He is such a kind, well-mannered, sensitive guy.. He has decided he is definitely going in the military and has started studying for the asvab... I am so proud of him for making strides towards a future for himself AND for deciding he wants to defend our country. My little boy is not so little it seems.. Didn't do much today, just went to dinner and had a friend over and hung out, oh and ate cupcakes! Just what he wanted to do. He was always easy to please and still is.. I hope he stays this sweet and yes, a little naive as he continues on his journey to manhood. I am already missing him and he hasn't even left yet.. WAAAAH! :'(

THEN... (3mos old!)

AND NOW (Senior Picture Session)

*Sniffle, Sniffle!!!*

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  1. Awww happy birthday to your big man! I'm sure he is excited about his little brother!


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