Saturday, September 22, 2012

31w0d: 2nd Baby Shower

Yesterday we had our 2nd baby shower with lots of friends that weren't able to make it to the shower that Rebekah gave us. Once again we had an AWESOME time! This shower was a liiiitle different. There were couples there and it was hosted by Jennifer my former neighbor (and sweet friend!). When we first moved into our house almost 3 yrs ago, we met Jennifer and Jose and they had two little ones a boy and girl a little over 1yo and 6yo. Since our kids were so much older, we didn't go to a lot of functions that they threw for the kids, but when they had "grown up" parties we were always there and I was "on deck" for setup and clean up. So over the last 3 yrs we have become good friends and I love them dearly. Through them we have made other friends and we were very surprised and overwhelmed with how many of them turned out on a Friday night to help us celebrate Greyson. Even the guys! 

So this was not just a shower, it was a PARTY!! There was drinking, laughing, games, (I still say some cheating, no way I only won at ONE GAME! LOL!) LOTS of food and sweets!! And gifts! So many gifts!! I told John we need another nursery just for all the stuff Greyson has received, LOL! I think we are ready for his arrival now... Well as ready as two people who stay up until 2AM and get up at 10AM can be, HAHAHA! Yeah.. We need to work on our own schedule ASAP! This coming Friday is our 32 week appointment and hopefully we will get the induction date and get this show on the road! Til then, enjoy your weekend everyone! xoxo



  1. Love all the love! Can't wait to meet little man!

  2. So happy for you all! Sounds like a great time! Take care

  3. 31 weeks?? Girl, where did that time go??

    I'm so excited for you!! Getting so close!! EEK!

  4. So exciting for you guys!! Love this!


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