Friday, September 28, 2012

32w0d: We Have An Induction Date

We are 32wks today!! Christy had her OB appointment today and everything was perfect again! Measuring 32cm so Dr. was thrilled with that. Christy said he is moving like he should and she hasn't had any issues with her gallbladder so things are moving along nicely. The Dr also gave us the induction date! He gave us two options for dates and we chose the earlier one since the other was the day before Thanksgiving (EEK!). This means the induction is scheduled for November 16th! He said it is not set in stone, but he is scheduling it for this date. I can live with that, at least now hubs can put his notice in at work and give them ample advance notice. That means we head to Texas in 6 weeks and 4 days people!! Holy cow!!! We still have some last minute things we need to do, but I have a feeling there are always gonna be a few last minute things to do! We will be as ready as we can be. If you think of anything we need to take with us leave me a message in the comments! My list so far is:

Bag for Greyson (clothes, onesies, socks, bibs)
Moses Basket from Bassinet
Clothes for us

We won't be in TX too long, because hubs can't take off too long from work, so the list isn't long of what I think we need to take, but I know I could be missing something important!

Will add picture of Christy at 32wks when I get it later on!



  1. OMG!! How exciting! The next 6 weeks will just fly by. :)
    Don't forget the car seat.

  2. A baby holder. Not sure which ones are the best these days (I rather like the idea of the slings I am seeing), but the snugglis reined supreme when I had my son 20 years ago (and before that when my little brother was born.) They are truly a lifesaver. Babies love them because it holds them tight to your body where they can hear your heartbeat (which is like the womb) and having the use of your arms is awesome. :-)

    So excited for you!

  3. November is just around the corner! So, so exciting...after all you've been through (I'm looking to the right and seeing all the $$ signs and it amazes me what we do for our little ones...and as you know, it's so worth it). Have fun, keep blogging...thanks for sharing...


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