Saturday, October 13, 2012


Hey y'all another weekly update! We hit 34 weeks yesterday! 5 weeks until we meet our little boy!! Christy had an OB appointment yesterday and everything was looking great. Measuring right on track, with a good heart-rate of around 144bpm. Next visit he will be doing an ultrasound to get a concrete estimate of how much Greyson weighs.. He said just based on how Christy's uterus is measuring he estimates he will be upper 7's to low 8's. (YAY!!) CANNOT WAIT FOR NEXT VISIT!! Christy thought she had an ear infection, but turns out she is suffering from allergies (BOO!) OB said take some Claritin-D. Hubs and I thought that was funny (not that she's suffering!!) that she's carrying our baby and  we BOTH have terrible allergies and now Christy has them! 

In other news I am in Miami! I have been here since Tuesday . My sweet friend Janine, found out she needed strict bed-rest and I drove down here to stay with her for the next 3 weeks to take care of her until she reaches viability! I would stay longer if I could but since we have to drive to get Greyson, that will give me about 10-11 days to get our bags situated and any other things done around home before we head out.. We are having a good time hanging out and getting to gossip and know each other in person.. YEP, you read that right, this was our first meeting in person!! I LOVE HER TONS, she is like my sister and we have talked almost daily on the phone and by text, so it was so good to finally get to hug the person connected to the voice on the other end of the phone..

My youngest son is handling the cooking and my oldest is taking care of the laundry (they are such good boys!). They are making sure their Dad is all taken care of while Mom is away.. So thankful I have great kids! I have to say though, I miss my hubby to sooo much! I miss my boys, but I hardly ever see them since they are teens, they are always doing their own thing, LOL, but hubby is my partner in crime and we are pretty much always hanging out if he isn't at work! A few weeks apart will make it so much sweeter when I get home I think.. Not much else going on (Who am I kidding, that's plenty!) but things are going good with Greyson and that makes me one happy Mommy! I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, til next time!

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