Friday, October 26, 2012


Here we are at 36wks! Today was an awesome day! The OB did an ultrasound and guesstimated that Greyson is around 5.5lbs right now! So we are thinking he will be around 7lbs at birth.. My brother in law was awesome enough to video the ultrasound for us, so we got to have a look at our little guy! Can't believe in 21 days we will be holding him in our arms! The days are really flying by.. 

We are taking advantage of the down time and having garage sales to clear out some clutter and it's been going really well. Of course we are saving most of the money to use for our travel, but we also picked up a few last minute things we needed for Greyson so win-win!

Christy thinks based on Greyson's size she will have an easy time delivering him (Let's pray so!) that would be great for her, so send some positive easy labor/delivery vibes her way everyone! Not much else going on, just ticking off the days until we head out. The Step B test was done today, so I guess they will give Christy the results and that's about it. DOWN TO THE WIRE!!! EEEEEE!!! :) :) :)

Oh a shout out to Leah for saving my butt by sending me her leftover Dom so I can continue to induce lactation! Thanks Girl!! 

 OK, off to watch some Shark Tank with hubby! Until next week! Enjoy your weekend!


  1. enjoy the down time. It will all be gone soon :)

  2. Wow!! You are almost there. Yay!!

  3. I've followed you over here from some other surrogacy blogs but I recognize you from the Fertility Forums. I followed you and your cycle buddies when I was cycling in India back in March. I'm impressed (and jealous!) by your milk stash. I just started pumping two days ago. I tried to email you through the link in your blog, but it was bounced back. I'd love to email you and ask some questions about your journey with induced lactation.

    1. Hi Pam!

      Please email me again, not sure why it bounced back, just test emailed myself and it's working! Or leave your email in the comments and I will email you! I would love to talk to you about inducing lactation! Thanks for following! :)

  4. It bounced back again, but I sent you a private message in the fertility forums with my email address. Thank you so much. This process is daunting!

  5. Girl you are getting sooo close! Can't wait until he is where he belongs, right in your arms!


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