Saturday, November 17, 2012

5 Days Old

Hey guys! First off, Christy came through her surgery great!! She ended up having to have another procedure to have some stones removed from her bile duct, but she came through both surgeries great! She is recovering nicely and was able to go home Thursday. She's a total ROCK STAR! She even walked with us to the hospital doors Wednesday after her surgery to see us off!

Greyson is such a doll. EXCEPT WHEN HE IS NOT SLEEPING AT NIGHT. Which is EVERY NIGHT.. Yeah not so awesome, LOL! We love him to pieces though, let me tell ya.. I could eat this child up.. I am trying to take his picture every day because he seems like he is changing so fast! I can't believe my little man is almost a week old already! He was supposed to be born yesterday!!! Crazy!!!

 Also, if any of you guys have that exergen temperal thermometer, do you like it? I HATE MINE and will be returning it to BBRUS! I got like 7 different readings in a 1 minute span. Sucks big time.. 

I am super tired so this is a quick update. I mostly wanted to let everyone know that we made it home safely (YAY!) and that Christy was home recovering and being her awesome self. That's all for now!  Oh and this picture from today :)


  1. Take a picture everyday because they do change everyday! The sleeping is not fun at all but just cuddling with them while they are feeding in the middle of the night is the best!!


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