Wednesday, December 12, 2012

1 Month Old

Greyson is ONE MONTH OLD TODAY!!!  Time is flying by so quickly.. He is over 10lbs and starting to sleep a bit better the last few days.. Last night he slept over 5 hours!! In fact I jumped up around 6:55am and touched his face because I was scared, since he hadn't made a peep to wake me up at his usual 2:45am-3:30am feeding.. We were pretty excited when we realized we got a good solid 5 hrs of sleep, lol! Here's hoping that trend continues in the coming days/weeks..

I wear Pooh at least once a week for my Nana!

One Month Old today, Rock On!


I can't believe how fast December is going by! Luckily I am pretty much finished with my shopping, but man I still need to send out my Christmas cards! They came out so cute! I got all the boys together in santa hats! Adorbs! I still need to do my holiday food shopping, but I am not sure what I want to cook yet..I tend to do the same foods for Thanksgiving and Christmas but instead of a turkey or ham I do a prime rib roast or something like that.. Not sure what I want to do this year and I don't have much time to figure it out! 

We are still in talks regarding a "sibling project" for Greyson.. I change my mind day to day about this.. Reality is setting in with my sleep deprivation and I am thinking I am nuts for even wanting to do this again! BUT, then I look at his sweet face and say I TOTALLY wanna do this again.. Cost is a factor too. We are pretty much finished paying for the Greyson cycle and the remnants of the "fails" before that, with the exception of a few grand. That will be paid off before the summer. If we are going to do this again, we need to start saving something towards it and then getting our minds around more tries (yes TRIES, because we have no guarantee it's going to work on the 1st FET like it did the first fresh. Our FET history is kind of sucky, if y'all remember.. We have FIVE embryos in cryo, so that gives us FIVE eSET (elective single embryo transfers) OR (2) double embryo transfers and (1) eSET... I am liking that idea more, BUT it isn't lost on me that there is a chance at multiples in doing option #2... So lots to think about still... 

For some people it might seem sudden or even crazy to be thinking about a sibling so soon after, but in reality it's not.. This isn't something that can happen without planning, so in order to make sure we can afford it OR that it's feasible for all parties involved we have to start talking about it and working it out on paper now.. It does make for some stressful talks, BUT in the end we feel it's worth it to at least have the conversation, ya know? I think we will have a definite answer in the next 2-4 months..

That's about it for now, off to pump (AGAIN) that's about what my day consists of, pumping, feeding, changing, burping, (rinse & repeat!) BUT I LOVE IT!!! *the sleep deprivation, not so much!*

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