Friday, December 7, 2012

My Birthday...

Today is my birthday! And When hubby talked about getting me a gift, all I could think of was that I already had the best gift I could ever get, my sweet baby boy! Hubby let me have the night off and took care of him so I could get some rest and that was so amazing.. I took the morning shift since I was rested and we have just been hanging out today, me and my little man.. Later we are heading to dinner at my Dad's for his amazing ribs and whatever else my Stepmom has cooked up, I am sure it will be super delicious!  

I feel so thankful this birthday... Thankful that my dream of a baby has finally come true after so long... Thankful that I am not just a little sad this holiday season for "what could have been" because it's actually here! I feel so "FULL"... I don't know how else to explain it.. My wish is for everyone who wants to experience parenthood whether through surrogacy, IVF or any other ART that has been on this journey realizes their dream of being "FULL" as well.. That's about it! Greyson will be ONE MONTH OLD in a few days, ACK!!! More on that later... I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! MWAH!


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