Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We Had A Good 15 Year Run

But now our time has come to an end... No, not my blog.. Me and my microwave! Yes, you read that right.. I have had my microwave for 15 years! I have used it almost everyday of those 15 years too. I have had it longer than I have been with hubs.. In one of our many moves, I lost a little leg wheel, so it has a little lean (hey, it gives it character!) and as of late to door now sticks when you try to open it.. (charge to 250..CLEAR!) I knew it was time to let it go when the door was getting stuck more often.. (charge to 300! CLEAR!!!) On a whim I went to Lo.we's to see what my options were.. I am a cheapskate y'all and it's hard to get me to part with my money! BUT... Lo.we's had one that matches my appliances on SALE!! And we all know I love a good sale.. Annnd, it was the over-the-range mount, eeeek!! I have been wanting one of those since we bought our house! But since nothing (major) was wrong with my old one, I waited.. So... I got one today! I was so sad to wipe old faithful down and take it off my counter.. We had a good run you and I...

Old Microwave.. 15 year run.. R.I.P. old friend!

New Microwave.. I love it!

So that's the story of my microwave... Don't go away sad.. Enjoy these to cheer you up!

Too small for my walker still, but I love the toys!

Yes, my sandals ARE camo style!
My outfit says it all.. Truckload of CUTE!
Yes... Yes she did make me wear this on Valentines Day.. Slap her, I'll wait....

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Life Gets In The Way

HEY!!!! I sure have missed you guys! I know, I did a drive by post and never came back. It took forever for us all to recover from the sickness of 2013! Everyone is well again and life has been getting in the way of blogging.. Greyson is doing great and getting so big! He is 3 months old today!! I can't believe it's been 3 months already.. Time is flying by so quickly, it's insane! The stats on our big boy are: Age: 3 mos...weight: 16lbs...height: 24.5 in"... Eating: still only taking between 3oz-5oz every 3hrs, most times it's right around 4oz.. Sleeping? Meh. Most nights he has been going down at around 11-11:30 and then waking up at 4:30am to eat and be changed, BUT the last few nights, he has been waking up at 7:30am!!! 

It started Friday night while he was having his first overnight away from us. He stayed at Pop Pop and Nana's house so Mommy and Daddy could have an evening out for their 11th wedding anniversary! I was so sad for him to be away from us, but we managed to make it through a movie and dinner. He was SO happy to see us it was so cute! But anyway so back to the sleep thing.. Yeah, so he decided to be a perfect Angel for them after I warned them that he would be waking up at O dark thirty, he totally made me look bad,LOL!!

My Step-mom called me and told me how he did and I was shocked. Lo and behold come Sunday morning I jumped up and looked at my clock and sure enough it was 7AM! Little stinker was playing me for quite some time it seems.. So now we are working towards making this a permanent thing. We will see how it goes.. 

Hubs and I had a great Anniversary date, just what we needed.. We had been neglecting our relationship and focusing all of our attention on the nugget, so this was a great way to get back to being us... It was also fun to get all gussied up, lol... The big brothers are doing their own thing and will help me out with their baby brother when I ask, gotta love having helpers!

Here is a picture of Greyson from today AND some from this past month!
The one of me is from Saturday on our 11th anniversary. We had a nice date night. Hope y'all enjoy the pictures and I will try my best to update more frequently than once a month!

Happy 3month birthday to me!


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