Monday, May 20, 2013

6 Months (Dr. Appt!)

Quick update to give Greyson's stats from today's Dr. appt.. He is doing so well!

Age: 6 months 8 days
Weight: 17lbs 10.7oz
Head Circumference: 17"
Height: 27" Tall

So he is in the 60th percentile for weight and the 75th percentile for height! Doing well on food, no reactions so far (YAY!) and rolling over and sitting well and stands if you hold his hands, like forever! This kid LOVES to stand up! He can scoot around the floor but only does it if he reeeally wants something.. Still lazy with holding his bottle, but he will if I let it slide down like I'm not gonna hold it for him, hehe! He says "DA DA" too! He's actually been saying it for about a month but he was whispering it now he bellows it out whenever! He also had his 6 month photoshoot done with my friend Karmen and it was AMAZEBALLS! I cannot wait to get the pictures back!! I got a sneak peek email from her with a few pics and I'm super thrilled with them, if the rest are as good I will be dying from all the cuteness! We took a family picture too since we hadn't since about 2009 and the big boys are not gonna be home much longer, so we definitely needed one.. Here is a peak at what's to come from the shoot!
Smooshing his cheeks with kisses!

Payback, I am gonna eat Daddy's face!

Can't wait to get the finished photos, I am so thrilled with them so far!


  1. Sweet! How crazy 6 months! So hard to believe!
    xoxo Carly
    Happy pics! ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Sarah! Sam is a doll!! I'm always checking your pics, LOL!!

  3. The cuteness! I can't STAND it LOL! This makes me miss my daughter being smaller (she's 13 months, but she seems like such a BIG girl, since she's walking and talking :) )

    1. Walking and talking, that's the fun stage! Stay tuned for the rest of the photoshoot as soon as I get them, there are some that are gonna make your heart skip :) and thanks for the compliments!

  4. Too too cute...congrats on such a healthy guy!

  5. So sweet, what a beautiful family, can't wait to see the rest of the pic


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