Tuesday, August 13, 2013

9 Months Old (And a Goodbye)

Greyson turned 9 months old yesterday! It was a sweet and sad day. My middle son left for Army basic training yesterday. He was able to text me a few times today, but once he gets to his station, that's it.. I've been sad since yesterday.. I had no idea it was going to be THIS hard! My house is so quiet now.. I'm so used to my boys having their friends over and making so much noise that I have to yell for them to "keep it down!" but no more.. I guess once Greyson gets older, it will start again with him and his friends, but that's a ways down the road. I think he can sense his brother is gone as well, he's been pretty good today and hanging on to me tight. I turned on his favorite show and instead of standing while holding on to his toys and dancing, he crawled over to me and put his head on my leg and just stayed in my lap while watching. Such a little sweetie.. My son will be in basic for 9.5 weeks, followed by approx. 5 months of AIT (school/training for his job) before he gets his first duty station. Sigh... At least he isn't too far away for basic and AIT, he's within 6 hrs driving distance at each place..

Here are a few pictures from the weekend.. 

The  three brothers together!

Big brother getting some last minute time with baby brother

White transport van that took my baby to boot camp!

 And as promised here are pictures of all three of them at around 3 months. Lots of people differ on who Greyson looks like. Some say one brother or the other, most people are divided on me or John. What do you think?

Kyle 3 months
Greyson 3 months

Greyson 3 months
LJ 3 months
John (No idea how old)

Me (no idea how old)

I forgot to add this last month!!


  1. :( I know it must be hard...I can't even begin to imagine! Kailey went to soccer camp for a week and I was going crazy :\ ((hugs))

    PS I think Greyson looks like John & Kyle the most :)

  2. Awww, 3 boys, how awesome. I can totally see myself with 3 boys.

    I love that pic of the three of them together. You are one blessed mama.

    Greyson is getting so big. I think he totally looks like your hubby. That pic of them at 3 months = twins


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