Saturday, October 26, 2013

Proud Mama

I sent off a boy to Ft. Jackson, SC on August 12, 2013.. I got back a MAN... A SOLDIER! A few pics from my sons boot camp family day and graduation. It was a tough 10 weeks, but we made it through and he has made us all SO PROUD!! He will be gone for 4 months at his training (called AIT aka Advanced Individual Training) and then get his permanent duty station (hopefully some place close to home! Or at least within driving distance!!)

So here he is and some of the family! Back to business as usual and I will be blogging MUCH MORE!




  1. Congrats to your boy, they do grow up fast eh.

    I hope he gets stationed near home at least for the first assignment after that the world will just be a blank canvas for him.

    So excited for you and your family, this is an amazing experience.


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