Monday, December 16, 2013

Slowing Down And Taking It All In

I can't believe it's almost Christmas!! I have SO not been in the Christmas spirit! November was SUCH a crappy month, but I am trying to get with it. I really am just wanting December to be OVER so we can get on with January and our next FET! I feel like I need to slooooow down and enjoy the now. We got our tree up after Thanksgiving and usually that's all it takes to get me in the spirit, but not this year. We put lights up on the house so Santa knows where Greyson lives (sooo cute hearing hubby explain this to him when he showed him the lights!). A blip on the spirit scale. Then I celebrated my 40th(!!!) birthday on Dec 7th and It was definitely something I was trying to just brush past, LOL!!Greyson got sick and was sick for a couple of weeks! He is JUST NOW starting to get back to his old self. It was scary and terrible and I'm so thankful that he is OK. All of that on top of our crappy November just made me more BAH HUMBUG.. 

Well the big boys will be home on Thursday. My holiday shopping consisted of ONLINE and 2 trips to two different stores and I was DONE. I did majority of my shopping online, it's the way to go for sure! While we were out we took Greyson to see Santa and even though he was still feeling under the weather, he smiled the cutest smile and I felt that ice crack just a bit around my "Bah Humbugness" Then, I wrapped all the stuff and Greyson is in awe of the tree and everything under it. This made me think of next Christmas and how excited he is going to be and the years to follow. I can FINALLY say I am excited about Christmas! Even though I still want it to be January, I am really looking forward to spending Christmas with my 3 boys and my hubby as well as my niece, her husband and my 2 great-nephews! Here are a few shots of what's been going on the last few weeks! I hope you all have a very Happy Holiday!

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