Tuesday, February 18, 2014

7w1d: Our 2nd ultrasound

Today was the much awaited heartbeat confirmation ultrasound! It initially was scheduled to be 2/21 but after talking, Christy and I both agreed that she should switch OBs since we both felt that her previous one while SUPER nice, was a bit too laid back for a twin pregnancy. We both felt more comfortable going with someone that is more hands on and proactive given there are multiples at play here. So with that said, when she called to set an appointment they had one for today! Our original OB appt was 3/5/14 so we were all happy that we got bumped up!

My brother-in-law Toby was able to go with Christy, so he was the video man for us today! We skyped in and he was nice enough to get us a good view of the entire ultrasound. Both babies were measuring 6w6d (a few days +/- is ok) and Baby A had a heart rate range of 138-145bpm and Baby B had a heart rate range of 121-131bpm. The nurse said it could be a bit higher for B but since "he/she" is farther away and they are so small still it's harder to get a good read on Baby B. At the next appt we will get an official due date and that will also be NT scan day! So 5 LONG WEEKS to wait until another ultrasound! I hope it goes by fast, I think once we are out of the first trimester I will breathe MUCH easier!

Anyway, here are a few pictures from today and a bump pic (already!!!)!

Baby A

Baby B


In other big news, we did a COMPLETE MAKEOVER on Greyson's room this weekend! We decided to keep him in his original room and do a nursery in the room next to his since it's bigger. We felt that if we moved him to a new room AND took him out of his crib it was going to be too much. This way, even though he is no longer in his crib, he is still in his same room and in his comfort zone. The transition to big boy bed and a new room has been fantastic! Lately his favorite thing to watch is Sesame Street. He is obsessed with Elmo. So we did a full out Sesame Street theme and HE LOVES HIS ROOM! He says WOW several times a day when he walks  back there, it's adorable!

He thinks the sound his belly makes on the plastic is hilarious

It was a B*&%$ to paint those shelves.

These bunkbeds are perfect so the big boys can still visit and have a place to sleep!

LOVES his race car bed! (and wearing shoes over footie pajamas!)

Testing out his bed!

Same sign from his "Pooh Theme" just repainted in primary colors

Before the bookshelves were finished. Had to go over that Pale Green

Before we mounted the video monitor

 So that's about it for an update!


  1. So happy that Cristy was able to get the u/s earlier! It is such a killer waiting for that little heartbeat or beats in your case :)

    The elmo room turned out so cute!

    1. Thanks T!!! It was such a job putting his room together, but it was definitely worth it to see the look on his face! :)

      We are SO glad the OB change was made, after the appointment it felt good knowing we made the right decision!

  2. his room looks great!! so glad the appointment went well!

  3. Great update! And you did an awesome job on his room, he's so happy! :)

    1. Aww, thanks Krystal! I have just a few more things to do and his room is DONE, I can't wait. Then we have to tackle a nursery still ACK!! Still can't believe it!

  4. How many embryos did you use? We're they at the blastocyst stage?

  5. Ahhhh, how exciting. I am loving these superb updates about the babies. I am so happy for you guys, twins, wow, that's amazing.

    Happy healthy pregnancy to you guys.

    By the way, I love Greyson's room, the car bed is such a great idea. We got one for our boys too and we love it. Hopefully they enjoy it as much as I do.


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