Monday, March 24, 2014

12wks: Bittersweet Day

Today was our long awaited sonogram (NT Scan). We found out that we lost baby B. It happened around 8w5d. It was shocking but I knew there was a risk for it to happen, as it's common in twin pregnancies (and IVF). But it still hit me pretty hard. 

We are 12wks today. Baby A is thriving and measuring 12w1d. Nuchal fold measured 1.2mm, which is well within range of less than 3mm so that was perfect as well. Not much else to say, just waiting for things to feel better.. I know it takes time. It's hard to be happy for Baby A knowing we lost baby B. I feel bad for feeling happy. I know A LOT of you understand where I'm coming from... Next appointment is 4/22 at 16w1d. Hopefully we can see the gender then! I'm thinking another boy.

R.I.P. sweet baby B.. Mama and Daddy love you always...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

9w5d - 11w2d

Count it with me y'all, FIVE MORE DAYS until the next sono.gram!!! I cannot wait to in and see the babies again! We are also ALMOST out of the first trimester! I am ready for smooth sailing in to the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, I tell ya. Things have been going well, but the constant worrying until you feel "safe" wears you down.

I have been stressing out so much and over nothing really, but I just stress. Go.ogle is the devil. Thankfully Christy is using the doppler that I bought from Greyson's journey and that eases my mind when I can't take the stress anymore. I have the same fears all IPs have (and parents too I'm sure) when they are expecting. "Are the baby(ies) OK." I will be SO glad when we get to the point of movement and she has a REAL sign that all is well!

Still moving forward with inducing lactation, but it is HARDER this time since I have Greyson here and my time is not my own. I can't get in the sessions that I need yet so it's frustrating that I am not where I wanna be yet with inducing, but hopefully I will get there.. Nothing much else to report. A new bump pic is up for those that wanna see. Here are some pics of Greyson and some videos of him dancing to his favorite song at the moment (besides Elmo's World) Oh and we got a new Van! Needed something better than my 96 Honda Odyssey. It served me well for the last few years and I loved it, but we needed more room with the twins coming and something more reliable to be traveling the roads to TX! Ok so THAT'S all the news for now! :-)

My NEW van!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Greyson 15mos Old


We got the last decal in the mail finally and we are officially done with his room! LOVE how it turned out! I will get some pictures so y'all can see the finished product, he absolutely loves it. He STILL says WOW when he walks in his room, it's so adorable! Greyson had his 15 month visit and he is doing awesome!

Weight: 21lbs
Height: 31.75"

WORDS: SO...MANY....WORDS.. But his favorite is NO. He also says YEA! anytime something falls, he throws something, or he does something he deems YEA worthy. "Bye Bye Da-deee" and "Hey, Titi" Mama "but never Hi Mama, only Hey Daddy or Hey Titi." Muah and gives whatever he is holding a kiss. Claps to music and when he says YEA! THANK YOU. Any time he gets something or gives you something or wants something. (We are working on please) NUMMY NUMMY any time he is eating and MMMMMmmmm! when he wants you to give him whatever it is you are drinking or eating. "WAAWWH" or RAAAAH when he is trying to scare you (which is alllllll the time! it's hilarious!) Whaaat?! (Thank you Despicable Me) and BEEE DOH BEEE DON (thank you Despicable Me 2) 1-2-3 and that's all he knows for numbers (THANK YOU SESAME STREET!) Soo many more, that I can't even remember them all! 

He's SUCH a wonderful little man. We are really enjoying him and watching him grow. I am a little worried about how he is going to handle having new babies in the house and hope that he stays his sweet little self (unless he is terrorizing the house, LOL!!) Here are some shots of him from the last weeks:


9wks - 9w4d

Things are pretty quite right now, since our next appointment isn't until 3/24! But some exciting things have been going on! We have started working on the nursery (SO MUCH FUN!) and are having a great time picking out things and getting it how we want it decor wise. And in baby news, Christy was able to pick up the babies on the doppler! Still a difference with Baby A being a faster heart rate and Baby b being slower. 

Christy is also showing in earnest now! SO COOL to see the evolution of the bump! (I think I will rename my sono pic page that, HA!) But check out the latest bump pics there!

I'm debating on adding a page of the nursery progress. I think I will add the pics once we have the nursery more together. We still have a ways to go on getting it ready and we are pacing ourselves. We HAVE started hoarded diapers and wipes like they are going out of style! I have a nice stash started and I hope to have 2-3 times the amount I have now by the time the dynamic duo make their appearance! We want to be ready and set for a while before we have to worry about purchasing more. That's all for now, will update again when I have something to share! A Greyson Update is coming up though!

Check it out