Saturday, March 8, 2014

9wks - 9w4d

Things are pretty quite right now, since our next appointment isn't until 3/24! But some exciting things have been going on! We have started working on the nursery (SO MUCH FUN!) and are having a great time picking out things and getting it how we want it decor wise. And in baby news, Christy was able to pick up the babies on the doppler! Still a difference with Baby A being a faster heart rate and Baby b being slower. 

Christy is also showing in earnest now! SO COOL to see the evolution of the bump! (I think I will rename my sono pic page that, HA!) But check out the latest bump pics there!

I'm debating on adding a page of the nursery progress. I think I will add the pics once we have the nursery more together. We still have a ways to go on getting it ready and we are pacing ourselves. We HAVE started hoarded diapers and wipes like they are going out of style! I have a nice stash started and I hope to have 2-3 times the amount I have now by the time the dynamic duo make their appearance! We want to be ready and set for a while before we have to worry about purchasing more. That's all for now, will update again when I have something to share! A Greyson Update is coming up though!


  1. she is going to be showing fast with twins!! i am impressed you already have a diaper stash started!

  2. I really love all the fun goofy bumps pics from Christy!

  3. Great update! My IPs are just now getting started with stuff...wth? Ummm only 9 weeks to go ppl!


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