Saturday, May 3, 2014

17w5d: We Have A Name!

We have been agonizing over names for WEEKS! We were pretty sure what we were going to name baby IF it was a girl, but we had NOTHING if it was a boy. Well, as y'all know we found out it IS a boy so we had to get busy! We went back and forth and up and down and couldn't agree.

We BOTH made lists and X'd so...many....names... It was getting serious, folks! Finally hubs made a list and made 3 copies of names from several places we looked at. We both circled names on the list and then designated if we liked it for a first name (F) or a middle name (M) then we had 3 elimination rounds. Out of the 39 names we liked only SIX made it to the final round! 

Man it was rough.... BUT it was totally worth it because we LOVE our little bundle's name! So I won't make you wait any longer. 



Speaking of our newest little prince. He's doing great! Last appointment he was on track and everything looked good. Still doing monthly appointments, not sure when it's going to change to every 2wks, but I think we have at least another 2 months before that happens.. This is the hard time for me, the nursery is almost complete and now it's just the waiting... And waiting....AND MORE WAITING! 

In the mean time I am still inducing lactation. It's slower going this time than last time, but I had more time to dedicate to it when I didn't already have a toddler running around. I am not giving up though. I am pumping and doing the best that I can... He will get breast milk and he will be nursed so that's all that matters, but I've come to terms now with that fact that I will have to supplement too.

So that's my update! Until next time!!


  1. Super! Can you fill us in on how you induce lactation?

    1. I have a page at the top where I post all that info :)

  2. I've missed a lot!! Congrats!! What a cute name too! Looking forward to updates! :)

  3. Such a cute name, love it. Congrats again

  4. That's a nice exciting..

  5. Beautiful name. I love how it sounds with Greyson


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