Sunday, May 25, 2014


Just a quick post to share some SUPER CUTE pics of Mr. Caiden from our appt on Tuesday. These are from 20w1d. I LOVE his sweet little face already! I think he looks like Greyson. I can't wait to hold my precious son!

We are super busy this weekend!! We are tackling MORE PROJECTS on this long weekend! Painted the exterior of our house (LONG OVERDUE!!!) I'm in LOVE with the colors!!! Have a look!


 Greyson Made sure we were safe!

Safety First!

Rocking his Naajartie shirt!

Enjoy! Oh and IF I don't post tomorrow, Enjoy your Memorial Day and be safe out there if you are traveling!


  1. He's coming along...such an exciting time and Greyson looks like he can't wait either. Did you ever receive those Roman Meals vouchers?

    1. Oh yes! I surely did! THANKS SO MUCH! LOVED the bread!!

  2. It's so funny to me how every time I see a picture of Greyson I think, "I have those pajamas too" or "My boys wore that shirt last week." Apparently our boys have the same taste in fashion. Haha. Aaron loved those monster pajamas from your "safety first" picture.

  3. YAY for being halfway there. The first thing that came to my mind was that Bon Jovi song, you know, living on a prayer. Sending lots of good vibes and prayer for a healthy and happy rest of the pregnancy. In less than 5 months you will be holding your 4th son, is that surreal or what. So amazing. I just love how excited you are at this new blessing growing strong. So happy for you guys.

    PS - the house colors look really nice by the way.


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