Monday, October 6, 2014

Caiden Rhys Birth Story Pt.1

I figured I would write this while it's kind of fresh still and I have a minute to breathe.

First let me backtrack to my 30w2d POST where I talked about the placenta issues and the tech saying Christy had partial placenta previa. Well the OB was going to check this at the 35wk appointment and assured us it was going to migrate away from her cervix and we shouldn't worry. Fast forward to 33wks and Christy calls me one evening to say she had some spotting. She said it wasn't bad and that she would keep me posted and she had a call in to her Dr office. After lots of waiting she went back and forth with the oncall and never actually got the Dr to call back. 

She started "spotting" some more and I asked her to send me a pic. It was NOT spotting, she was BLEEDING. I told her to go to L&D. When she got there they were actually waiting on her and told her her OB was there and busy with several other patients, hence no callback. After a long wait and some labs and urine sample she called to say she was getting discharged with NO ULTRASOUND BEING DONE. I was NOT HAPPY. I was scared and worried about my son and my SIL. The first thing that popped into my head was the placenta previa and maybe the placenta was tearing away and I knew that was bad. I asked her to have them call me. She called me back when the nurse was in the room and the nurse was snippy and condescending. She basically said "OB said NO sono, it's not warranted since the bleeding has stopped" I told her about the previa and that it needed to be checked. She said "OB said it has migrated away he checked it again" I said "NOPE, he didn't" she said "I'm pretty sure he remembers what's going on with his patients" I said "I'm pretty sure I remember what is going on with my son and NO he didn't, he was going to check it at 35wks and that hasn't happened yet" She still said NOPE. So I informed them that if something happened to my son I was going to sue.

 Christy called me back and said she was on bedrest and had an appt on Wednesday (this was a couple days away so I was ok with this compromise) Wednesday rolls around and the OB checks her out and then does an abdominal sono. We both ask him about the placenta previa. He said "the placenta is fine" I said "you can't tell unless vaginal sono is done" Christy says "LET'S DO THE VAGINAL SONO SO WE CAN EASE OUR MINDS" reluctantly he agrees. He sends in a tech. She starts looking and clicking and is SILENT. I knew right then it wasn't good. I say "It's still there isn't it??" She's quiet a while longer then finally says "yes, it's still there and I'm going to go get the Dr so he can see this for himself" I felt vindicated BUT scared too. This is NOT something you want to be right about.. 

The Dr checks for himself and backtracks and does lots of "Uhhh... well yeah it's there" So new plan is bedrest until 9/8 for her then she could go back to work since she would have been 36wks and they wouldn't stop labor then (this confused both of us because they kept saying she couldn't go into labor!) Christy called her Dr a few more times after her appt to clarify questions we both had and in the end he decided she needed to see a MFM the following week (34w3d) for a second opinion. She rested in her recliner and in bed during this time and also had two steroid shots to mature Caiden's lungs. We felt comfortable that we had a good game plan and were waiting it out. I had our bags packed and after her MFM appt I was going to determine when we would head out for the birth which was looking 100% like a c section now.

The morning of August 28th I get a call around 8AM EST and it's Christy. She informed me she was in the parking lot of her OBs office and she was bleeding quite a bit. She was going to get seen and see what they wanted to happen. They didn't even check her, they took her bp and weight I think and then the OB said he would meet her across the street at the hospital. She said she would call me back once she got checked in and was in a room. I waited on her to call back and she said apparently she was contracting as well and didn't even know it, since after all this was her 6th pregnancy! She had me on speaker while she talked with the OB and he asked her when the last time she ate was. She said "last night at dinner" he said OK good c section is more than likely today. We both kinda went "whaaat?!" I told her I would head out right then but obviously we weren't going to make the delivery since we were 37hrs away (by car and we HAD to drive) I hung up to make arrangements to leave and call hubby so he could leave work. Christy called me back and said "C section in 1 hour" I asked her if she was OK and tried to reassure her that everything would be OK (this was her first c section)

The c section was scheduled for 9AM CST and we were in the car by then heading their way. I got several texts from my BIL keeping us informed of what was going on. Based on the time it appeared that they were about an hour behind schedule. I got a text around 11:20AM 

it read "He's hear and he's LOUD!" I cried... I was grateful BOTH OF THEM were OK and sad that I missed my sons birth.. I was also happy Caiden was doing well. Little did I know that he was going to take a turn very quickly...I should also point out that he was born ONE HOUR BEFORE HER SCHEDULED MFM APPT.

Part 2 coming soon!


  1. Can't wait for Part 2 but I am glad your SIL and son are both doing well.

  2. This post just made me teary eyed. I am glad you spoke up and insisted on the sonogram. It is ridiculous how sometimes, doctors ignore what the patient is saying/asking for.
    Your sister and brother in law are AWESOME!!! You are truly blessed! Can't wait to read part 2.

  3. Wow!! On my way to Part 2. What an awesome pic that is!!

  4. Good thing you wrote this down, you will cherish this for years to come.


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