Friday, October 24, 2014

Let's Talk About Money (Surrogacy)

Now that our journey is over and I am adding up ALL the bills (God, there were a LOT OF BILLS!!) and going over what we spent, I wanted to give some tips to those that are still embarking on this journey on ways to SAVE money or even MAKE money! 

This will be most helpful to IP's (intended parents) who live in TX BUT there are many companies out there like what I found. The BEST way cut costs is to take out (or have your surro take out) a hospital indemnity policy (A.FLAC or another company). Why you ask? Because you know for a fact that your surro WILL BE SICK. I say this because they classify delivery as A SICKNESS! The $30-$80 you spend monthly will more than pay itself back once your surro delivers. Another reason this is important? THE POLICY COVERS YOUR CHILD FOR THE FIRST 31 DAYS OF LIFE! That means you will also be paid for THEIR HOSPITAL STAY. If like me you end up with a baby in the NICU, this can be a lifesaver. 

Indemnity policy's pay you for being "sick" So each day you are in the hospital you are paid for that and also you would receive a lump sum payment for being in the hospital in the first place. The plan that I researched and ultimately went with exclusively covers people in TEXAS. At least the company I purchased it through ONLY covered people in TX. The parent  company is huge and I'm sure probably covers other states as well. Anyway this is what our scenario looked like:

GS c-section- (fee paid for surgery)
GS hospital confinement (lump sum fee paid)
GS hospitalized 4 days (daily fee paid) 
GS received anesthesia (fee paid)

NEWBORN is added to policy and has same coverage as "mother" for first 30 days

Newborn hospitalized (lump sum fee)
Newborn in 6+ days (larger lump sum fee)
Newborn in 23 days (daily fee paid)
Newborn boy circumcision (fee paid)

This was a HUGE help to us and allowed us to pay all the hospital bills after delivery for both GS and Baby as well as allowed us to pay off some of the bills we incurred from even doing this last surrogacy journey. The policy is paid for by the intended parents and the monies while paid out in the GS's name belong to the IP's. This is where you would need to have explicit TRUST in your GS that she would turn over the monies to you and it would be extremely wise to put the payment structure in your contract for these funds, so there is no confusion. I probably paid $1100 for this policy over 12-14 months and as you can see, it MORE THAN paid for itself!

I won't put the company name on here BUT if you want more information, feel free to email me if you are doing a surrogacy journey with a GS in TX! 


  1. Thank you so much for posting this! We were just legally cleared to proceed with our clinic and are looking at a early January FET with our GC. This is something that I hadn't even considered but makes so much sense. My GC is also in Texas. I sent you an email and would love to get more details! Super big congrats on your baby!

  2. it's crazy how for granted we take things when we are able to conceive naturally. glad that everything worked out and now you have your family!! CONGRATS AGAIN...IT'S BEEN BEAUTIFUL TO SEE IT UNFOLD!

    1. Myself included, Mrs. Pancakes!! Back 21+ years ago I NEVER thought I would be on this end of things and having my life unfold like this. I tell you though, I have met some AMAZING PEOPLE on this journey and I am so thankful for that...

    2. Girl, when I first read your story it brought tears to my eyes. You had just had Greyson there. I followed along and seeing the beautiful result of your boys being here happy and healthy is just amazing. God is good, amazing actually and you are truly blessed, every experience makes us stronger


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