Friday, June 19, 2015

I'm Back.....(Sort of....)

I have truly MISSED this space... I have a few people that I didn't want to share my world with and I withdrew for that reason... But this is MY PLACE... So I will have to decide how I am going to "share" moving forward (I truly don't want to do passwords or change to wordpress... I do want to start blogging again.. I miss y'all and when I have started reading and catching up, it made me sad for the time I have lost.. I haven't documented this last 6/7 months and I can't get that back... So here I am... A mini update

Greyson: 2 and a half now!!! He's a handful... Talks a lot and whines A LOT... I wrestle with wanting to hug him and throttle him... He makes me laugh constantly though, and Caiden!

Speaking of Caiden......

Caiden: Almost 10 months old!!! So hard to believe... My baby will be 1 before I know it! Crawling like crazy and WALKING with assistance (holding on to furniture or whatever he can reach) babbles.. LOVES TO EAT EVERYTHING!!! 75th percentile for height AND weight! Weighs 21lbs and is 29" tall and FREAKING ADORABLE...

ME: Trying to get back to taking care of ME..... Losing weight (I gained something fierce during the last part of the surrogacy and during the nicu stay AND adjusting after coming home) down approx 20lbs... 5lbs away from my initial weight loss low... Healthwise? Meh... I had surgery.. Recovery has been hard... Having diabetes slows your recovery... BUT I finally feel like I am turning a corner... Work? I am working on my children's resale in earnest lately... Sales have been great and I was focusing mostly on BST (buy sell trade) groups but now I am dedicating more time to MY facebook page and ultimately going to do sales from there and eventually my own website... I am trying to set reasonable goals for myself so I don't get discouraged..


Now for what y'all are waiting for, pics of the kids, LOL!






APRIL 2015

APRIL 2015

I wont stay away so long again!

Til next time...


  1. Your babies are so cute!!

  2. Your children are absolutely adorable.. Those smiles!!! :O)

  3. OMG, the cuteness in all those pics. Gosh time sure flies when you are having fun :). I know what you mean about blogging and documenting, I sometimes go back and read some of my old posts and I love that I am capturing all that is happening in our lives somehow.

    I hope you are back more very soon, I've missed seeing your face around here :)

  4. Too cute! Glad to hear you're coming back. I found your blog during your hiatus after I lost my twin boys. We started thinking about surrogacy, adoption, etc. yours is one that I bookmarked. 😌

    1. Thanks for commenting C! So sorry about your loss of your precious boys.. If you ever have any questions regarding surrogacy don't hesitate to email me!

  5. Sometimes you have to forget about what others are saying and doing and do what makes you happy the most! Good luck in all your endeavors. And yah for blogging/updates again!


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