Thursday, August 27, 2015

All about Greyson

OK here is a Greyson update!!! Not too much going on with the big guy. He's talking a ton and keeping us so busy.. He goes between loving his brother to death and using him as his personal jumping pad! They fight and then hug.. Last month we got Greyson's haircut! It was exciting and sad at the same time.. His hair is INCREDIBLY CURLY. So he hated getting it combed. He cried whenever he saw his brush. So we just bit the bullet and took him in. He wasn't sure at first but he did great! Of course the girl giving him a lollipop helped a ton, haha! SO here are the pictures from his haircut. I didn't cry but I sure was sad to loose those long curls! His short curls are pretty adorable though!

Another update coming this weekend!


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