Inducing Lactation

Here is where I will be keeping a log of my induced lactation journey. I will pull the info from my blog from 2012's induction and add it here along with my current inducing journey. I hope this information is helpful for someone else out there that is attempting to induce lactation!

 4/04/12: Started induced lactation protocol
 5/03/12: 3oz-5oz per day from pumping
 6/23/12: 8oz+ per day from pumping (dom 120mg per day + teas and supps)
 7/25/12: 10oz+ per day from pumping (dom back to 80mg/day-headaches) with 400oz+ FROZEN!

Last count 10-15-12

More Milk Tea and Red Raspberry leaf Tea around 2-3 cups of each per day.

Supplement list: 

Fenugreek- 9 capsules per day 
Marshmallow Root- 6 capsules per day
Blessed Thistle- 9 capsules per day
Fennel Seed- 6 capsules per day
More Milk Blend- 6 capsules per day
Domperidone 80mg per day 
Nettle Leaf 6 per day
Red Raspberry Leaves 6 per day
Goats Rue Capsules 6 per day
More Mother's Milk Blend 6 per day
Dandelion 6 per day


 2/07/14: Started prometrium and 40mg domperidone per day
 2/14/14: Prometrium and 80mg domperidone per day
 3/12/14: Started Herbal Supplements (listed above)
 3/19/14: Increased Domperidone to 160mg per day

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  1. You've got this girl! We've just decided to try again but I've decided I'm not going to induce this time, long story but still very excited.


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