Friday, February 15, 2002

Back from the wedding!

The wedding was WONDERFUL! We opted not to go on a honeymoon, as we are moving in about 3 weeks! We are relocating closer to DH's work so I am house hunting and surrogate searching, not too much huh? I am back in the saddle, but concentrating on house hunting mostly. I haven't talked to the potential recipient in a while just an occasional email here and there, she is gonna get in touch with the coordinator at the clinic in TN to see what testing she and her DH needs to have done. She did send me a card for the wedding! She's so nice! She said she can wait for me to get things situated, with finding a new surrogate and trying to move, but we will stay in touch. I am so sad that I may not be able to come through for her now. I told her I feel i am meant to help them!

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