Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Lining check went FABULOUS! Her lining is at 9.5mm-10mm with a triple stripe (so pretty much PERFECT!) since we are still 9 days out it will only get fluffier by transfer day. I also found out what the actual embryo grade is for "Mo". To give you some background, here is my clinic's grading system on Blastocysts:

The numbers 1 - 4 are given as grade for the inner cell mass and then the trophectoderm (lining of the egg). 1 is best 4 is worst. Those grades in the other systems are A-C with grading in between like AB, BC, etc as well. My little "Mo" has 1's on both of those which is the BEST!!

The next grading is based on the entire blast and is based on hatching. That is the A through E.

A is a completely hatched blast (don't want to go that far before transfer if possible)
B is partially hatched
C is a full blast completely filling the shell
D is a blast just beginning expansion
E is a blast that they can see the cavity but they can't tell enough to grade it because it's too early

"Mo" is a grade C1 1.. WAY TO GO MO!!! So we are feeling VERY hopeful today after getting all of this news! Now we just have to survive the thaw, my next stress... Does it ever end?!?! In the mean time, we are just enjoying this feeling we have that things are looking really good.. We know they did last time too, but right now they are looking even better since the embryo is already farther along in growth then the previous ones were at transfer.. I won't have much to report in the next few days but if anything else comes up, you guys will be the first to know!


  1. WOOHOO Mo!!!! That's great news, Tonya! :-)

  2. NO! It does not ever end!!!
    But congrats on great early results!

  3. Thanks everyone!! The days are just zipping by now!!

    George- That's what I was afraid of, LOL! I secretly knew it never ends, just wanted someone to lie to me, hahahaha! =)


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