Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mayhaps I jumped the gun...

OK.. so after my epic freak out yesterday and some words of wisdom from a few girls on a surrogate forum (smo) and of course searching Dr. Google. I felt a little better when I finally went to sleep at O dark thirty this morning.. Well my friend and I texted back and forth and we decided we are going to STOP TESTING after Tonight... Well, kinda.. We are gonna do it tonight and then not again until Monday AM before she goes in for beta, because after that the fat lady is gonna sing anyway and we will have our answer.. Annnywho.. So these are the wondfo's from 5dpt PM thru 8dp EARLY AM! What ya think? 
Please pray Mo continues to be a little fighter!!


  1. There's *clear* progression!!!!

    I totally understand your fear of another loss. It's so hard to hope when you've had your hopes shattered before.

    But objectively speaking, those lines really are getting darker.

    GO MO!!!!!!!

  2. *sigh* I HEART YOU!!! I know riight? I kinda felt like a dick for freaking out after getting this pic this morning.. We shall seee... I DO feel better this morning though, for sure!

  3. those tests look great! can't wait to read your post about the beta!! 2nd time worked for us :)

  4. Tonya, they look like they are getting darker and darker every day. Ash's tests were always very very light, and our beta numbers were rediculously low but she's now 24 weeks! We were unsure until we took a digital and it said PREGNANT. I'm praying for you, Mo, and your friend. I can't wait to hear beta numbers!!!

  5. Whitney- Thanks sweetie!

    Paradykes- If all the tests were cooperating this would be easy peasy! Those damn FRERS! :( THANK YOU for the prayers!! Digital is totally making us its bitch as well and showing NOTHING.. A nice hourglass for well over an HOUR!! 1 more left in box for tomorrow.. I am so over testing..


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