Thursday, July 28, 2011


Soooo it appears we HAVE A LINE TONIGHT!!!! OMG! I CANNOT post a pic because it is SO FAINT that you will go blind trying to see it.. But on my cell it's faintly there.. I emailed it to myself and almost lost my eyeballs trying to see it on that fuzzy picture, UGH! So.. The plan is to test again tomorrow evening and see if there is a definite darkening that I can post here for all of you faithful POAS'ers and readers!

I added this in because I am going to add the new one from tonight and hopefully there is a noticeable difference! This is last nights tests in B&W cause there is NO HOPE of seeing it otherwise, lol!


  1. A line is a line!!! my 2 girls were the fainted line ever and both times I thought I saw it they were in there. All the other times there was no line. Good luck.

  2. Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Girl, test again tomorrow MORNING!!!!! And AFTERNOON!!! And then again in the EVENING!!! It will be neat to see the line getting darker and darker and darker. <3

  4. Heffernans- THANK YOU! Normally I would believe that, but last time our line turned out to be a chemical so lines don't mean the same to me anymore.. I skeeered.. But I'm trying.. I am REEALLY happy though and thankful!

    Marissa- I know girl, can you believe it!! Everyone has been soo supportive, I don't know how I would have gotten through this without y'all.. Now for betas and ultrasound! ACK!

    Andrea- I WISH! She works so we are sticking with night testing, that's what gets us the best results and that way it's always 24hrs later.. Of course I will keep yall posted!! xoxoxo!

    Kevin- Sigh... You understand probably more than anyone.. bittersweet happiness.. I'm scared but excited at the possibilities.. I hope you guys are trying again soon.. My princess needs a prince or vice versa! Love you tons! Jeff too, tell him to use that intuition for me! xoxo!

  5. YAY YAY YAY!! Can't wait to see the pics!! WOO!

  6. Fingers crossed!!! Holding my breath!!! Throwing salt over my shoulder!!! Wishing on a star!!! What else can I do???

  7. I knew Mo could do it!! :-) Can't wait to see the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Jesse- Late tonight (she tests around 10PM) I will have a new pic to upload! Thanks! :)

    Michael- THANK YOU cycle bud! I am doing all those things for you as well, your day is right around the corner!! HUGS! :)

    Krystal- You did know! :) LOVE YOU TONS! OK look at this pic with your surro eyes! Tonight's pic hopefully is much darker!


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