Wednesday, July 27, 2011

POAS Chronicles: 5dp6dfet

It has begun... I wasn't sure if we were going to POAS (pee on a stick) or not, but we caved.. Got the call this AM that is was negative.. I'm bummed, but not devastated.. Why you ask? Because my scientific brain tells me this is still REALLY EARLY.. Even though I know of girls who have gotten BFP this early or even yesterday, I am still ok.. Some of them transferred more than one embryo (makes sense to have BFP if they are carrying multiples) and some transferred one embryo on the same day as my friend had ours transferred (that's the part that bums me out).. My friend is going to keep on peeing (because we are gluttons for punishment) until we run out of tests, which will be Sunday night.. We are going to stick with testing at night time because we think we have better luck then.. So, when I have news tonight I will update, it's either bfp tonight or still negative, either way... THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW! Til then...


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