Sunday, July 31, 2011

POAS Chronicles: 8dp6dfet

 I am thoroughly confused... Wondfo internet cheapies still showing darker.. LOVE THAT! First Response Early Results are the same if not a SMIDGE LIGHTER, WTF?!?! Digital... HOURGLASS FOR OVER AN HOUR.. Yeah... THOROUGHLY CONFUSED!!! Here are both sets of tests.. 
Last 2 taken TODAY approx 8-10hrs apart
Last 2 taken TODAY

Last digital will be taken tomorrow then we just wait for beta, I am SO OVER these hpts, UGH!

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  1. What did I say about FRER??? BAD Tonya! Bad friend! Keep those away from the pee!!!!

    ICs do not lie. They don't. Y'all are pregnant!!

    I know you're scared and you have every right to be. I'm on pins and needles for your beta. But, as a total POAS addict, I can tell you that FRER are a world of hurt and confusion. When even *I* trash them, you know I'm onto something. ;)

    I'm sorry the digi didn't work. It sounds like it didn't give you any answer at all. :( But that sounds like an internal malfunction--if there was no hCG (or not enough), it would have said "Not pregnant".

    I really think you're getting a positive beta--and not a 14ish positive, more like 100.


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