Friday, July 22, 2011

So Overwhelmed

Back from transfer and everything went GREAT! RE said "MO" looked beautiful goin in to freeze and beautiful coming out! Minimal cell loss and they did assisted hatching! I will add the picture once I get back home to my scanner. I can't believe how many comments and well wishes you guys all left, it made me cry!! You guys are THE BEST! The RE's office moved from their old location, so the new place is smaller and at first the nurse said we both couldn't be in the room.. In unison we BOTH said "Uh, that's not an option" LOL! My friend spoke up so fast I didn't even need to. She said "They have gone through TOO MUCH and come too far NOT TO SEE THIS, make it happen" She said ok we will make it happen and they did! Such an amazing thing to see. We watched "MO" land and we all waited until they said she could get up. We joked for her not to pee MO out, haha!! So now we wait.. Beta is August 1st (Day before my Mom's birthday and my son's 16th bday so hopefully I get some extra luck from them!!) We DO plan on POAS, but I don't know when we will start.. We are both gunshy after last time so we want to but we are both scared a little bit as well.. WE will see...

We are just so overwhelmed today.. AND THANKFUL for our friends, our family and the possibilities.. OK off to whip up some meals for my wonderful friend and her family.. Will be back with an update soon I'm sure! LOVE YOU ALL! AND THANK YOU AGAIN!


  1. Hey! My b-day is Aug 2nd! :-) That's 3 ppl and 3 is a lucky #, so ur gonna get a BFP for sure! **Sending lots of babydust your way**

  2. YAY!! Another Aug 2nd! My oldest is Aug 7th so lots of luck that week!

  3. Fingers crossed for you. That's great that the REs said everything looked good!

  4. Aww, Mo. Safe and sound inside your friend. How wonderful!!!! <3

    We're all pulling for you, little Mo!

  5. Mine is Aug 7 and my 2nd youngest is Aug 6 so August is an awesome month!!! I am so sending more sticky sticky baby dust your way. Congrats to all of you on a great transfer.

  6. What a BEAUTIFUL pic!!! I'm hoping everything works out for you because you deserve it!

  7. Michael- Thanks so much!! Fingers crossed for you too 2ww buddy!

    Marissa- Thanks, I know right!! now the torturous wait!

    Whitney- Thanks, you are my hero!

    Paradykes- My oldest is Aug 7th!! How cool!!! Thanks for the wishes!

    Ashley- Thank you!! You are a ROCK STAR those triplets are nomable! Those cheeks!!


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