Thursday, July 21, 2011

T-Minus 1 Day

Toooomorrow, tomorrow.. I LOVE YA tomorrow.. You're Onnnlyyy a dayyyy aaaaway!!! It's finally here!! Tomorrow is the big day and as long as we don't get a call from the clinic tomorrow morning (that means Mo didn't make it if they call--- we won't even speak that into existence!) then we proceed as planned to the clinic! I still don't have a transfer time yet, the nurse emailed me yesterday and said they would be calling me today with the transfer time for tomorrow, I am assuming it's gonna be in the afternoon sometime, but ya never know... SO, we are about to hit the road on our way to GA! I am hoping that the drive north goes smoothly. I am planning on making a stop to visit a wonderful surrogate who has been so supportive and helpful to me through our journey. The one, the only REBEKAH ROSE!!! SUPER EXCITED about meeting her! So that's the plan peoples.. We should be back home Sunday night. I am taking my laptop so I will update from the road if I am not having too much fun visiting with everyone, haha! Say a prayer for "MO" that he thrives tomorrow and a few for our safe travels! MUAH!


  1. Best of luck to you! Go have some taffy, eat honey and caramel and anything else that will make you think "Sticky"!

  2. Woohoooooo best of luck chica!!! I'll be thinking of ya! Come on baby.. Stick stick stick!! =)

    Be safe on ur trip!

  3. I'm sending up many many prayers for your journey and super sticky thoughts for tomorrow!!!

  4. Sending mega baby dust & sticky thoughts your way!!! How exciting!!

  5. Come on, baby! Stick, stick, stick!!!

    Best of luck to you and your friend! <3

  6. Lots of baby dust, positive thoughts, sticky vibes and hugs coming your way!!

  7. GOOD LUCK!!!!! Stick Mo, stick!!! I'm rubbin' my preggo belly for ya!

  8. Mo's a fighter for sure. You got this one Tonya. No doubts here.

  9. YOU GOT THIS GIRL!!!! Or, should I say Mo's got this?? ;)

    So exciting that you get to meet up with Rebekah too! Perfect timing. She will bless you with sticky baby dust. Just rub her belly. :)

    BIG hugs to you girlfriend. I will be thinking about ya!! Update us ASAP!!!


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