Sunday, July 31, 2011

Things are looking dimmer by the second...

Soooo... Took another wondfo (Internet Cheapie) and it's LIGHTER today then the two from yesterday.. Methinks we are in chemical pregnancy territory again.. We are more than likely not even doing the beta tomorrow.. I cannot see spending $300 for them to tell us what we already know.. This is EXACTLY what happened last time, except I paid the $600 over 3 days to find out what we already knew.. Here are the tests for your viewing pleasure.. The last test is from this AM.



  1. I'm still rooting for Mo!!!! Are you guys testing with different brands or just the internet cheapies? If you are not going to do the beta, at least buy the more expensive pregnancy tests for this coming week's testing? I'm not giving up hope just yet, Tonya!! I think Mo is going to surprise you. ((hugs!!))

  2. Maybe just do the first beta and if it's not high skip the second? I hear ya on the money thing. Go with your gut.

  3. Andrea- First Response Early Results and Wondfo AND First Response Gold Digital girl, we covered all bases.. Digital said NOT PREGNANT this morning, it's a wrap...

    K- After getting dark positives and now NOT PREGNANT on digital, I think we all know its over...

    Thank y'all for your support, our story isn't over yet!

  4. Oh no...I am just heartbroken on your behalf. :(

  5. I'm sorry Tonya. I wish I had great words of wisdom or comfort. I remember all the times we thought Ash was pregnant and every time it was negative was like getting punched in the stomach. Keep trying, it will happen.

  6. Nooo! I just don't know what to say...I'm really hoping the HPTs are just duds, but I can understand your thinking after what happened last time :( I'm so sorry, Tonya. **hugs**


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