Friday, July 22, 2011

We are on our way!

We got in to Georgia yesterday afternoon around dinner time and Rebekah Rose so graciously whipped up a FEAST for us to enjoy! She was more wonderful than I imagined she would be and her son is a JOY to be around, such an awesome guy.. So after we gorged ourselves on dinner and visited for a few we had to head out to meet up with my friend and her family. Annie did not disappoint, her son was IN LOVE as soon as he saw her, as was my friend, so that reinforces that we made a good choice and she is the perfect dog for their family!!! In a few minutes we are heading out the door to the clinic for the transfer! No news is good news on these mornings and we haven't gotten a call so as far as we know "MO" has survived the thaw! Transfer is at 11:30 so we are heading out to ATL to get "MO" back with us! Wish us luck and I will update when we get back later! MUAH!


  1. I'm sending sticky thoughts and baby dust your way. Stick Mo, Stick!!!

  2. One hour until transfer! Sticky vibes heading your way for little MO!

  3. Soooo blessed that we got to have you over last night! It was WONDERFUL to visit - and it didn't even cross my mind til much later how quickly at ease I was with both of you - we chatted like we'd known each other forever! :D Thinking nothing but sticky thoughts for little MO and positive thoughts for you all!!


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