Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ultrasound Chronicles: 3 Days and Counting

Nothing much to post about just yet... THREE more days until we find out what's going on in SIL tummy!! Very excited about that.. I ordered my 2nd shipment of domperidone to induce lactation. So I am officially ready! Oh, we had breakfast for dinner because I needed to use the sausage I bought and the bacon that was already opened. I made pancakes to go with the meat. It was a hit, everyone enjoyed (they usually like whatever I cook though, LOL) I can't believe we are down to 72 hrs before the the ultrasound! I am hoping these last few days fly right on by! I am starting on my Spring cleaning to keep busy.. My room has been super swept, dusted, sprayed and decluttered. I love the new look of less. I figured I might as well make room for a bassinet (or two!) and I couldn't do that with all the extra crap I had taking up space. Maybe I will get some pics up of each room as I do them, but the before shots would have you all falling over! As you know I sell tons on e.bay and it has kinda taken over each room slowly but surely.. So that ends today! Room by room we are de-cluttering and figuring out what is trash, what is donate and what is keep... I am hoping the donate and trash piles continue to grow! Wish me luck, I see value in pretty much everything so it's hard to give it away when I know I can sell it, LOL! NO,I am NOT a hoarder, I LOVE throwing stuff away, just not stuff that is worth money, haha!

In SIL news, she was VERY nauseated yesterday, but today she was much better! She's been feeding her belly good and rubbing for me when I ask. So we're just chugging along!

So that's about it for this lovely Sunday... More to come in a few days!! :-D


  1. Thinking positive thoughts for you!!!!!!!!!!

  2. woohoo!!! if your SIL is still having morning sickness tell her to get an RX for saved me when i was pregnant w/the twinkies :)

  3. Good luck tomorrow!! Can't wait to hear how many babies you have baking in there! :-) I'm so nervous for ours! Ahh :-)

  4. Thanks, we are super anxious waiting too!! I will update as soon as I have news! :):)


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