Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What Trumps Seeing your babys heartbeat

HEARING IT! My SIL "C" called me today and at first I had a tiny bit of panic, since we mainly text continuously... Whenever she has actually called it's because it's too long to text, something BIG (like first BFP!) so I answered quickly and she said: "So I can HEAR the heartbeat!" Cue me dancing around like a fool! She let me hear the bloodflow (MUCH slower than the heartbeat so you can tell the difference) and then you get the "wock wock wock" sound! She said in a few days it should be even louder where I can hear it clearly on speaker phone (CANNOT WAIT FOR THAT!!!) But even more importantly, I can't tell you guys how comforting it is to KNOW my baby is alive and thriving! Anyone who has gone through IVF, Surrogacy OR experienced a pregnancy loss, knows what I am talking about.. That fear of the unknown is a sonofabitch... Yes, we had a great ultrasound and saw the heartbeat, BUT what happened the next day? Later that day? Since no one has invented a painfree window into the good ole ute no one knows until the next ultrasound. BUT, thanks to the nifty invention of the doppler, you can know your baby's heart is beating any time you feel like it! And it was well worth the money to me for this small bit of peace of mind.. Now I can sigh a little bit of relief until the NT scan in a few weeks! I sure hope we get some great pictures from that! Once the sound is strong enough to record and send to me, I will put it here for the next debut! :-D

Later taters!



  1. Aww how much do I LOVE this update??!! I am soooo happy for you!! Grow little bean grow!!

  2. Wock, wock, wock.

    You totally nailed the sound!

    And yes, it's a truly beautiful sound. :)

  3. Beks! Hey girlie!! I have missed you!!!

    Jeni- LOL, I was trying so hard to figure out how to "make" that sound come out right, hahaha! "C" totally made my day today..

  4. Yay!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that sound!! And I agree!! "wock" is perfect!!

  5. This bond that we all have in TTC warms my heart -- wock wock wock...

    wooooo hoooo!!!! and peace out


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