Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Not baby making related but...

The Voice is about to come on! Don't y'all just LOVE THIS SHOW!?!?!?! If you don't, well frankly it's cus you suck! OK I'm kidding but really at the very least it means your taste isn't as good as mine because, lemme tell ya folks this show is THE BOMB! LOVES me some The VOICE! You should turn it on in about 29 minutes when it comes on.. FOR REALS.. Oh and I won't even tell you who to vote for (JAVIER)... I am gonna be so sad when this show is over in a few days or a week or whenever! I genuinely like EVERYONE that is in the final 4!
 You can hear their performances from last week pretty much anywhere on the interwebz right now.. They were blowing up the iTunes chart last week and i am sure someone is counting endless cash from the sales of their cover singles! Hell, I even got Coldplay's original version of "Fix You" after hearing Javier's version, that's how awesome this show is.. Whoever thought this puppy up, I am truly jealous because I am sure they are having their new house built right now solely outta "HUNNERTS" right now.. TOTALLY..JEALOUS..

OK that is all, back to your real life.. Will update next with surrogacy stuff, carry on!


  1. I LOVE this show!!!!! Javier and Vicci are my FAVORITE!!!!!!! Hoping one of them wins tonight.


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