Saturday, June 18, 2011

POAS Chronicles: 10dp3dFET

Sorry so late today! What a BUSY day I had!! Running errands, went out with friends to celebrate their baby journey and more errands after, whooooweee, I'm tired just thinking about it!! OK, so what everyone is checking in for.. Without further adieu I present 10d3dfet hpt:

The lines look the same as yesterday to me, but as long as they are still there and not lighter or GONE, I am ok with that!! Also, we have now added a metallic taste to my friends mouth as a symptom.. Poor girl.. I hope that doesn't last too long! OK, so since tomorrow is Father's Day, we are NOT POAS.. We are taking a break tomorrow and then having beta Monday, so I will update beta news when I know it (PLEASE PRAY IT'S A GOOD NUMBER!!) and if anything new happens, tomorrow I will post it! Later gators, enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

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