Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tomorrow: You're Only A Day Away!

Tomorrow at NOON, two of our embryos will be safe and sound in my amazing friend's uterus. We are unbelievably excited AND SUPER DUPER NERVOUS!! So many emotions going on right now.. Lots of nervousness, excitement but some sadness too.. Sad that I can't carry my own child and experience a pregnancy with my husband.. Also brings up sad feelings of our many bad surrogacy matches and of course our terrible frozen embryo transfer with the worst surrogate in the world.. I KNOW that this time will be different and that my friend wants this for us as much as we want it for ourselves and that makes all of this SO much easier.. BUT nevertheless the sadness is there, under the surface of the happiness.. We have so many hopes and dreams rolled up into this baby that we can't see yet or see it's face, but it's so VERY real to us.. We already love it and we pray that tomorrow is the day that starts towards the beginning of it's new life with us in 8.5 short months! So yes i am a little sad about the past, but I am VERY VERY HAPPY more than anything!! We can't wait for tomorrow! I think I will watch Annie tonight in the "FAB FIVE's" honor! (MY friend dubbed my 5 embryos the Fab Five, how cute right?!) OK will update tomorrow after I have details!


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