Saturday, September 3, 2011

Not much going on, but wanted to post

Status quo over here. But wanted to post something because I felt like a I needed to. I am doing a garage sale next weekend, so that should be fun! Also turning up my ebaying so I can make some money and get that savings goal met ASAP! My oldest took his senior pictures and they have since come in and they look amazing! Can't believe I have to do it again next year and then I will have no babies :( just grown men.. I hope we have our miracle by then or this will be a quiet house.. OK so before I depress myself I will get back to separating my hoard into what can be sold and what I need to trash. Already have an impressive pile working so happy about clearing out some space! Later gators!


  1. I hope your miracle comes soon :) Wow, two boys graduating soon! I bet they are good guys, since their mama is so nice and smart :) Good luck with the garage sale! I really need to have one too and make some extra $$!

  2. I love garage sales. Hope you have fun and make at least *some* money! <3

    And I refuse to believe you have 2 almost-grown sons! You don't look a day over 30!!

  3. Sarah- Aw, thanks! Yep 18yo and 16yo, time sure does fly so enjoy every minute of it! Seems like just yesterday they were born :(
    I LOVE garage sales! I love having them and going to them! I sold enough stuff last year and early this year between garage sales and ebay to help finance a major portion of our IVF so I am hoping to do that again!

    Marissa- You would love my sale, I always have tons of great stuff! Plus I get other people to bring their stuff too, LOL! You're makin me blush, but YUP I sure do girl. I wish I wasn't a day over 30! Well I wish my eggs weren't hahaha! I almost passed out when dh says, so you know he is old enough to vote and buy cigarettes now.. WOW. Thanks for that dude,lol.. No he doesn't smoke (really good boys they are) but man he *could* if he wanted to, waaah!

  4. just came across your did not know that IVF was so expensive! im sending you lots of positive thoughts!

  5. Hey, we're having a garage sale next weekend too! Well...I'll be in the bed, but my Granny will run the show :)
    Hope you make lots of money and get to your goal soon! xoxo

  6. Mrs. Pancakes- Congrats on your wedding, I wish you many years of happiness! And yep, IVF is hella expensive, add to that surrogacy and yeah, super expensive.. But you do what you gotta do to have the family you want, ya know? Thanks for reading, I'm following you now too! :)

    Krystal- My darling love!!! How are you?? You are getting so close! Can't wait to hear how your garage sale goes! Too bad you can't just come to my sale and bring your stuff then we could hang out all day! :)


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