Saturday, June 2, 2012


Another week down! I can't believe we are zooming towards the halfway mark, at lightning speed it seems!! Our monthly OB appointment was yesterday and things are looking good! Baby's heart rate was between 145-152 and OB said that is perfect! Christy talked to the OB regarding induction and that went over really well. Since we live so far away and she knows we didn't want to miss the birth, they have her set for week 39 to be induced, the first day her OB is on call. I know some people will huff at us wanting her induced and her wanting to be induced, BUT honestly, I DON'T CARE! The truth is she has been induced with all of her own kids, because she is known for having big babies since her hubs is 6' tall.. Well folks, I got the TALLER brother, so yeah this was probably gonna happen anyway. AND, we really want to be there and having a set day will help us plan better, so we can drive there in plenty of time and not risk death trying to break the sound barrier to get there! Her OB was very much on board and now we just wait to hear from him, which day is his on call day that week. So at least I know that the due date is somewhere between Nov 16th and Nov 23rd. Of course this might change even more if the baby is measuring even bigger.. As of now, both ultrasounds the baby was measuring 3 days ahead, so time will tell. 

In other exciting news, we have NINE more days until we find out if this baby is a boy or a girl! I can honestly say I am thrilled either way! If for some reason baby doesn't cooperate, our gender scan appointment is July 11th so a month of waiting! Please pray to the baby cooperation Gods that this little one shows us the goods! :) Christy got a prescription for her migraines, since she has had one pretty much every day since being pregnant.. NO BUENO.. The OB seems to think it could be due to her lack of caffeine since she was a hard core coffee drinker before this pregnancy and she quit cold turkey once she had her first visit with the RE.. I am hoping her meds help her out, between headaches and morning sickness (yep, she still has that too, she's one of the unlucky gals that suffers the entire time with it!) she has had some pretty bad days. In the world of induced lactation, things are so-so.. I am about to add herbs in to my cocktail of pills I take and increase the amount of times per day I pump. I am getting about 3 to 5 ounces a day but I need to increase this dramatically in the coming months in order to breastfeed well. I am going In addition to storing milk here and getting colostrum and whatever Christy pumps for us, a dear friend of mine that had her baby early a few months ago, is going to send me her overage of frozen breastmilk! So I KNOW baby will be on breastmilk at least a year, which makes me incredibly happy!! 

And finally I will leave you with this:

Heart rate from yesterday morning! :)

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  1. Time is exciting

  2. 15 weeks already?? SHEESH!! Craziness!!

    Glad all is going well!!

  3. Hey there!! I read this post yesterday but only had my phone and couldn't comment. I feel on you on the induction....and you'll find no judgements from me b/c we're going to induce too. We want to be there! Reading your post though made me start to think about our induction and when we were planning on doing it. I had been thinking 39 weeks, but then I went back and looked at our contract and the agency had put in there 38 weeks. I don't know much about this, but my mom is adamant that we "keep that baby in there" for as long as possible and has been emailing me all this stuff about the dangers of inducing, especially before a certain time. I need to go back and dig it all up again. Anyways....I enjoyed your post. I hope you're doing well!!

    1. MOST OBs won't induce unless there is a problem before 39 weeks, so there isn't much you can do about the date. That is who determined when ours would be, we had no control over it. There has been a lot of talk about policies changing everywhere that this was a new "law" so you might find that this is your only option as well. We are A-OK with 39 weeks and having an actual date, we just didn't want a "NO" and best of luck on not missing it! LOL!

  4. Can't wait to hear the gender!! Great job on inducing lactation. So cool!

  5. that's great you have a "date"...looks like it'll be a very thankful thanksgiving!!

  6. can't wait to hear the gender!!!! SO CLOSE!!!


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