Saturday, June 23, 2012

18w1d: Lactation Nation and Aching Cheeks

I have to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to ALL the ladies for their advice and support on my induced lactation efforts! Things have really picked up and my supply has increased nicely.. I added more fluid much to my already battered bladders objections, (side note: I should invest in depends undergarments I pee more than a newborn!) and I increased my dosage of domperidone AND my herbs, in addition to adding in the Mother's Milk Tea (tastes kinda like black licorice, which is something I HATE, but I drink it anyway) and I have to say, the tea is the difference. I can feeellll when it starts to work, lots of aches and fullness in the girls.. I have now gotten up to 8+ ounces a day! I can tell this is only going to increase. 

I am slowly increasing the amount of the tea that I drink. I am doing 2 cups a day currently, but the box recommends 3 to 5 cups daily. I only bought 2 boxes because I am a skeptic at heart, HA! So I have to go get some more boxes and then I can increase to 3 cups and finally up to 5 soon.. I have also noticed I am getting headaches pretty much EVERY DAY, so I think I might have to back my dose of domperidone back down to 80mg a day, I am hoping that alone is not the reason for the increased supply, but only time will tell.. My friend sent me a huge box of 70oz of breastmilk! We lost a few bottles to thawing but overall it was a success. We have since tweaked the shipping and we are confident we won't have any loss this next time! I am SO THANKFUL for this donated milk, my friend is a godsend (THANK YOU APRIL!) I am so thankful that she and Christy are going to send us milk to ensure that this little boy gets breastmilk for his first year!

Speaking of our sweet little boy.. I CANNOT STOP SMILING!! We have been on cloud 9 since finding out the gender. It all seems SO MUCH MORE REAL to us now! I guess knowing makes him more of a person, I hope that makes sense. He isn't just "the baby" but he has a name and we can connect to him more.. We are so totally in love with him already. I think the both of us have been floating around since we found out. We just smile so big at each other all the time, I am sure everyone else thinks we are idiots, LOL! We don't care though!

We are still trying to nail down a middle name and have kicked some around, we are definitely set on a first name though. Once we have his name set, I will share it with you guys! Funny thing is we NEVER had a girl name picked out.. We kicked a few around, but nothing seemed "just right" but we came to the boy name fairly easy, so that should have told John I was right about it being a boy, haha!! I am gonna be one spoiled Momma with 3 boys and a hubby! I told John my Queen status is safe...For now ;-)... Oh before I end this, I am going to talk to Christy about sharing a belly shot with you guys soon, but in the mean time I leave you with this:

                    My sweet boys profile pic! He has his daddy's nose! 

OK off to drool over more boy things I wanna buy!! I think I will start buying next month or early August, can't wait!! Enjoy your weekend!



  1. So glad to hear your production is increasing! Keep up the good work!

  2. I'm so excited we are both having boys!!! Can't wait to hear the name, we've had ours picked for a while now too, we had both a boy and girl name picked but we just had a feeling it was a boy. We've started picking things up here and there and much to my surprise our little boy has a dresser full of clothes lol! Can't wait until we both have our babies in our arms.

  3. Glad to hear the milk stuff is progressing. I am hoping once we can proceed with everything that I will also be able to get my milk production back as well. Also nice to hear that people are donating milk to you as well.


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