Tuesday, June 26, 2012

18w3d: I didn't think I could fall in love even MORE

The mail lady is my new best friend! Today she brought me all kinds of goodies!! We got the official signed by the judge paperwork for the pre-birth order (AWESOME!) Aaaaaand we got the package in the mail that Christy sent from the 3D ultrasound place!!! I COULD NOT wait to watch this video with John! Seeing him see his son moving for the FIRST time was amazing.. It brought tears to his eyes and of course mine.. It was one of the best days of this surrogacy experience! Seeing how much he loves his son already is breathtaking... I KNOW he is going to love him so much more once we meet him, if that's even possible.. 

The 3D place was SO awesome that they sent us extra pictures AND had almost 10 additional minutes of video for us! Very cool of them.. We might even have Christy go back when she is farther along so we can have some fat face video to compare to when he is born... Even the torrential rain couldn't spoil my day and that's saying something! We are 100% sure he is a boy, but we have the gender ultrasound coming up with the OB next month, so that's just another picture of our precious boy we can't wait see! He grows SO much from ultrasound to ultrasound! He looks perfect and we can't wait to hold him in our arms..

It's funny because once we got the video and watching it, I had like this "flood" of milk and had to go pump, so I am VERY encouraged that once he is here I will be able to supply what he needs or come close to it, it was a very powerful feeling!! I ending up pumping 2 oz (which is not the norm for a night pumping for me!) so I had a total of 8.5oz today and I am still on 2 cups of tea a day, plus my normal supplements and the domperidone.. I am hoping to get up to 15oz a day by next week! Will keep y'all posted on how things are going. I plan to up my tea to 3-4 cups a day and keep all supplements the same. OK off to bed, a big day of looking at baby stuff in stores tomorrow!

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  1. This sounds amazing...I can't wait to see little man...


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