Thursday, June 28, 2012

18w6d: We Have A Name!

After much back and forth we finally have a name for our little boy! I worked on this plaque today and after much sanding, painting and hot glue gun burns, I introduce to you:

His name is going to be Greyson Kane :) 

I am working on another letter project for his nursery wall, not sure what I wanna do just yet though.. The planning is so much fun!


  1. Love the name! Great job with the sign too! :)

  2. Awesome name! My husband has a 2nd cousin named Grayson with an a, and I've always loved it. Cute plaque too by the way!!

  3. I was going to name my 1st daughters middle name Kane, no matter if she was a boy or girl. I love Greysons name. Very cute!

  4. Love the name...and your handiwork! I've got a kitchen table that could use some sanding and staining. You available for hire? :-)

    1. Why yes Jeni! LOL!!! Actually I am not as good as I would like to think, HA! After the fact of course i was noticing things I should have done differently, but I sure put lots of love in it so, that's all that matters!

  5. I love it, the name and sign for his room:)

  6. Love the name!! So exciting, beautiful sign! He'll love it

  7. That is a great name! I like it with the "e" too. V. British ;)

  8. The name
    Is great and the plaque is so cute!


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